Find Loan anticipates low mortgage rates until the end of the year. In particular, Find Loan justifies this forecast by the fact that the interest rate on the financial markets (10-year OAT), used as a reference for the fixed rates of real estate loans, decreased to 1.73% on April 8, 2013, compared to 2.04% as of April 2, 2013.

The European Central Bank (DRT) kept its key rate at its all-time low of 0.75%.


Even if, for now, the DRT has not announced a further decline, it should theoretically decide to lower its key interest rate to an unprecedented 0.50% before the end of the year, because there is no risk of inflation in Europe in the medium term.

The first time you ask for a loan can be a stressful situation, especially if you are not sure how you will repay it in the future. Although people obviously resort to loans because of the need for quick money, it is always recommended that they have a plan to settle their debt in no time. Otherwise, there is a risk of falling into a spiral of over-indebtedness and bad history in the credit bureau.

In addition, banks that have largely rebuilt their margins in recent months and have significant liquidity to finance projects of their customers should take the opportunity to lower their interest rates to capture a new clientele.

money saver

This is a way to prove to the bank that you are angrier than a cicada. In addition, a large personal contribution makes it possible to be less indebted or to have a larger envelope of credit.

Today, future buyers who have a personal contribution and a stable situation can get a loan around 3.10% over 20 years. For the moment, an increase in mortgage rates is not envisaged if the OAT continues to stabilize and does not increase dramatically over the next few weeks.

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