Even though you have been living here for several years, paying rent, using services, working or studying honestly … You are officially a foreigner and, as a foreigner, your hands are tied up with the authorities or large institutions. Big restrictions apply especially in contact with authorities, schools, banks. You will encounter complications when applying for a bank account, purchasing goods in installments, settling contractual relationships with service providers, or even a loan. In a sudden unpleasant situation you need to borrow a few thousand.

You have the best will to pay off the obligation and you only borrow for a bridging period

travel loan

For the bank, such a requirement is absolutely trivial matter, but for you is to arrange a long-term loan and, moreover, with a very uncertain outcome. You have to face a number of formalities and fill in documents, the terms of the loan in many ways define proof of permanent income, permanent residence. Sometimes even the approval process is conditioned by Czech citizenship and this is final for your situation. Are you looking for a way to solve the existing problem? We offer you an immediate solution and we will not complicate the difficult situation even further.

We won’t be looking for a fridge that has broken your service, a car has broken, and you need it daily to work. We do not need to hear anabasis about late paycheck, having to pay an apartment or rent payment, about the sudden high service bill. Quite simply and simply, we’ll help you offset the missing budget amount. Late payments may lead to a reduction in the services provided, cast a bad shadow on you and worsen your relationships with the tenant of the apartment or business premises. Do not risk unnecessarily, contact us. We will help you to gain time, resolve a temporary lack of money wisely and bounce back.

We are not acting as an inaccessible bank

Of course, banking institutions protect their interests. The loan application must be supported by the ability to repay. Poor experience with the unenforceability of the debt leads to stricter conditions. Even applicants with Czech citizenship are often not in an easy situation. Disproportionate claims, a number of documents and often even evidence of the use of the loan for these reasons discourage many clients. The situation is even more difficult for you, official foreigners. Our solution is a simple and affordable loan. Simply fill in the application form on the Internet . A clear form requires only your personally identifiable information and your current connection. The authorization SMS will then connect us and confirm the validity of the data. Subsequent approval of the application proceeds very quickly.

Automated systems will immediately evaluate your credibility and the real possibility of meeting the agreed obligation. Once you confirm the terms of the loan, the amount will be transferred to your account immediately. Without delay, commuting to the bank, without filling in long and unintelligible boxes. Avoid unpleasant personal actions. You do not have to give anyone the reasons for the loan, feel stupid or even struggle with technical terms in a foreign language for you. SMS quick loan for foreigners is a great option how to effectively overcome difficult periods.

Clear and stable conditions


Terms of the loan – terms and amount of repayments are fixed at the moment of confirmation of the application and remain valid throughout our cooperation. We will not continuously increase the interest rate or change the repayment deadlines. On our website you will find an interactive tool that accurately displays the variable possibilities of the loan amount and subsequently the repayment process. This will give you a better idea of ​​your real repayment option, and you can adjust the amount of your loan so that you can repay it safely without increasing your credit risk or reducing your living comfort.

Communication is also very important. If your situation continues to get complicated, your expected earnings are delayed, or other costs get in your way, we won’t endanger your situation. Obviously, you have to meet your obligations, but we will accommodate you, extend the payment deadline, or propose another viable solution. Conversely, you can make very good changes and receive a higher amount for early repayment. Here, too, we will not burden you with forms or requests. Early repayment is not penalized, nor will we bind you with fixed terms and insist on adherence to the original prescribed repayment schedule. After all, our interest is to help you and recover your money. And this will be completed with an early repayment with even better effect.

Don’t borrow unnecessarily

We can assure all our clients of the discreet use of their personal data. We guarantee quick action, all documents are understandable, does not include minor comments or references to additions. At the same time, however, we consider it necessary to ensure that the loans requested are justified by reasonable grounds. If you find yourself in a serious situation and need to deal with the immediate availability of specific amounts, we are of course here for you. However, we would like to avoid unnecessary indebtedness and increasing problems. A broken car, new household or workshop equipment needed, hire payments, services or childcare are important expenses. For holiday or luxury gifts, however, it is always best to first save and purchase them with cash ready.

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